Art Your Home is an Interior Design and Decoration Agency. Based in Geneva, we operate both in Switzerland and in France. Inspired by your wishes and your identity, the concepts that emerge from our Design & Decoration Lab are individual and will be tailored to suit your home
at its best. Our ambition is to create unique concepts that drive your emotions, compel the senses and tell
a story: Your story.


After earning a Masters Degree in Marketing in France and a solid international experience in sales and marketing at one of the world's leading firms in Luxury and Mass Distribution, Laurence followed her dream and set off on her own path.

Armed with her passion for Art and Design, she decided to go against the odds and enrolled in contemporary Art classes and an Interior Design School in Paris. After graduating in 2012, she founded Art Your Home.

Bold and dynamic as an Art Director, she surrounds herself with experts and people who share her passion and help make the best out of every one of her projects. Coordinating each step of the process with the care of
a Swiss watchmaker, she will handle every aspect of each project, including but not limited to: the conception,
the execution, the last touches and decoration details.

She manages to stay at the cutting edge of her craft, through numerous trips around the world, where she visits galleries and concept stores. To quench her constant thirst for creativity and aesthetic innovations, she never misses Home-Fashion salons in Paris and Milan, and it is through her many encounters in flea markets and other artistic venues, that she's often heard of the best and latest.

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During our first Diagnosis visit, we will collaboratively assess your needs, your lifestyle, your tastes and your budget as best as we can. Back in our Decoration Lab, we will elaborate our creative recommendations and share them in the form of an Idea Book, giving you a fresh new wave of little ideas that make a big difference!  


After this first step, Art Your Home will gladly also provide you with unique and original decoration and layout concepts for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team pre-plans the whole project and provides you with an Inspiration Book - an illustrated packet comprised of decoration concepts, Mood Boards, plans and a budget estimate.


Seduced by our project pre-planning, you probably can't wait to shift gears and start the actual work. Put all the chances on your side and enjoy the turnkey delivery of your project


Thanks to our premium network of designers, artists and galleries, we will track down and find the unique pieces that will truly make your house stand out. Better yet, if we don't find one that is just perfect for you, we will have it specially crafted so that everything about your decoration corresponds exactly to what you had in mind. Crazy ideas are of course welcome!


Just for You, Art Your Home organizes shopping tours in the most trendy and premium art and design concept stores in Geneva, Paris, Milan, London and Zurich, during which we can guide you, and bring you valuable experience when it comes to choosing and negotiating exclusive items. Discover the thrill of the hunt.


  • - Want a new home, but don't want to move?
  • - Want to give its Mojo back to your apartment?
  • - Want some guidance while you let yourself go wild and play mix and match with colors, textures, shapes, styles?


  • - Want to know where to find some limited editions, some unique pieces?
  • - Want to be on top of the latest trends and improvements in Home-Fashion?
  • - Want an indoor Garden?
  • - Hate it when you see a piece of furniture you own at other people's place?


  • - Don't want to waste time touring all the showrooms and boutiques to find fresh ideas?
  • - Want a trustworthy ally to move in fast, yet with style?
  • - Want to delegate all the stress of your project and enjoy a turnkey delivery?
  • - Want to refresh one of your goods to sell it fast and maximize its value?

PARIS / My tailor-made cocoon

"Art Your Home successfully faced the challenge to turn four very atypical "chambres de bonne" into a cozy and charming duplex. The whole team helped optimize every square meter, by recommending custom made furniture that make impractical spaces functional and really create a warm atmosphere. I can't tell you how excited I am to now have an actual place to call home in St. Germain des Prés!"

Nathalie F., Journalist

MEGÈVE / Turning "old" into "full of history

"Art Your Home handled the revamping of our 10 year old chalet in record times. A keen eye for furniture, photography and art, and a sharp selection of cushions and plaids that instantly made the difference. Our Home Sweet Home finally belongs in this century!

Sophie et Philippe P., Dental Surgeon

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